the most reliable and flexible HIS!

MicroHIS is the complete and most advanced General Practitioner information system. Our software provides General Practitioners with comprehensive patient information from dossier management to financing. It is an efficient consultant and practice management software.

MicroHIS helps Dutch General Practitioners and employee work even more efficiently and productively. The solution is available both as on-premises and as-a-service (in the cloud)in which the general practice is completely unburdened.

With a very high availability of 99.8%, MicroHIS is the most reliable HIS on the Dutch market. It is a modular solution that can be configured to the unique needs of the General Practice. Our software offers patients a user-friendly portal that enables them to easily schedule appointments and order medication.

From 35 years’ of experience in the primary care sector, MicroHIS/Dedalus provides you with the most reliable, advanced and flexible software solution for General Practitioners that minimizes administrative tasks for General Practitioners and allows them to focus on performing the best care for patients.

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MicroHIS main application
function overview

Management information

NHG indicators
Graphical overviews
Care group patients

Patient records

Individual care plan
Clinical notes
Medication history
Electronic prescription
Digital decision support


National spine
Patient transfers


Influenza module
Pneumonia module
COVID module (beta)

System configuration

Settings management


Appointment booking
Calendar overview
Resource planning
Appointment letters
Tasks manager


Invoices (declarations)
Declaration overview
Tariffs (insurance coverage)

Consulting room

Why MicroHIS?

General practitioners are faced with many challenges today.

Some of the challenge comes from working with multiple HIS-systems and healthcare software. The result is incomplete patient records, suboptimal patient experience and unclear staff productivity and accountability.

MicroHIS: The most effective tool for General Practitioners to provide high-quality care in primary care.

Based on our long-standing experience in the primary care sector, we have identified the essential components that should be included in the information systems of General Practitioners.

The result is better patient care and more efficient workflows for General Practitioners.

6 components in MicroHIS to provide better patient care

Easy navigation

Quick navigation between the most important parts of the patients’ files with a simple key combination

Video consultation

The capability to conduct video consultations utilizing platforms such as Skype, Teams, and WeSeeDo, enables expeditious patient care.


Medical information confidentiality is crucial, and MicroHIS has implemented three layers of authorization to ensure that only authorized persons can access relevant information. 

Complete overview

A complete overview of a patient’s medical record is essential, and MicroHIS offers you a fully-fledged general practitioner file.

Updated files

Updated files with the latest information are crucial. Whether it concerns chain care, observation elsewhere or a change in contraindications, your files are automatically updated in MicroHIS.

Powerful agenda

Manage appointments, set the weekly rhythm, determine the lengths of appointments, drag and drop appointments, jump from an appointment to the medical file and vice versa.

Decision Support

MicroHIS allows General Practitioners to make more informed decisions and reduce their administrative workload through decision support signals they receive that are appropriate to the context in which they work.

A flexible and customizable software for General Practitioners and healthcare institutions

We develop MicroHIS based on the suggestions and wishes of general practitioners and our vision and experience of good healthcare IT.

These developments are regularly coordinated with the Orego; the MicroHIS user association. Three times a year, a new version of MicroHIS is released adjusted to meet customer wishes and with necessary innovations to meet today’s needs.

Dedalus also provides you with integration components utilizing standards such as FHIR that enable product interactions in more complicated IT environments in addition to our main product, MicroHIS.

Clinical Decision Support

By the end of 2023, following the acquisition of ExpertDoc, MicroHIS will become more intelligent and innovative by deeply integrating decision support into MicroHIS.

This partnership will provide General Practitioners with the support to fulfil their daily responsibilities. They will receive signals that will help them make more informed decisions, reduce their administrative workload, and enhance healthcare delivery which are always appropriate to the context one is currently working in/with.

In conclusion, the acquisition of ExpertDoc, will allow MicroHIS users to provide better care to their patients while mitigating the administrative burden of directive adherent work as much as possible.

Do you want to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of patient experience in your practice?

A reliable HIS-software is essential for all General Practitioners and other care providers in the healthcare sector. That’s where MicroHIS comes into the picture – it’s designed for streamlining consultations and managing your practice.

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