MicroHIS’s impact on Practitioners
and Patients

With MicroHIS, you get a comprehensive information system designed specifically for General Practitioners. With a long history of experience and knowledge in the primary care sector, we are committed to provide a cutting-edge solution that meets the evolving needs of healthcare providers.

Our videos below offer a closer insight into the rich story behind MicroHIS, the foundation it’s built on and the future of MicroHIS.

Video 1

Customer centricity

A reliable HIS-system with focus on customer centricity is crucial. Watch how MicroHIS built the future of GP software with customers.

Video 2

Why work with us?

How does MicroHIS contribute to lowering high workloads? Watch the video and gain more insight to our missions for the future.


Minimize administrative tasks

Do you want to experience how MicroHIS can minimize administrative tasks and provide you with a more synchronized software solution for General Practitioners?


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Video 3

The first steps on the journey

Clinical Decision Support plays a significant role in the future for General Practitioners. Listen to why it is relevant in this video.

Video 4

Why choose MicroHIS?

Get acquainted with the history behind MicroHIS and learn more about our ambitions for the future together with Dedalus.

Video 5

The foundation

Learn more about the foundation of MicroHIS and the challenges we want to solve for General Practitioners.

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MicroHIS is an extensive general practitioner information system about which there is a lot to tell. Contact us for any questions concerning MicroHIS or if you would like to book a meeting to discuss your possibilities.

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